How to achieve a Fresh “No Make Up” Look?


For those of you who do not know, the no make up look does not literally mean zero make up on one’s face. This make up trend simply refers to looking fresh and natural by applying a minimal or light make up. Usually, it is the preferred everyday make up look of college students or even young professionals like me. 

Personally, I love how it doesn’t take too much of my time especially when I’m running late or too lazy to explore what’s in my make up stash. Also, it’s low maintenance. Doing some retouch in the middle of the day won’t be too much of a work. Plus, I don’t have to carry my whole make up bag whenever I’m out with this look. 

Here’s how to achieve a fresh no make up look in 5 easy steps!

  • Start off by washing your face. Regardless what make up look you’d planning to pull off, you should ALWAYS start with a clean face. 
  • Moisturize your face (my favorite part).
  • Apply a primer but in my case, I usually skip this and go right away with applying foundation.
  • Do your brows. (You could skip this one too if you’re too lazy, not in the mood or just blessed enough to have a natural on-fleek brows.)
  • Lastly, apply a lip-stain on both your cheeks and lips.

Tadaaaa! You’re done and ready to go! :) What I have shared with you is the simplest way to achieve a fresh “no make up” make up. But for a a fresher and more dewy look, you may want to apply a little bit of highlighter on the highest part of your cheeks. I would also recommend using a facial mist like Evian facial spray to finish it all up. This would enable your make up to last long and would hydrate your face as well. 

The products that I used for this are: Olay All-In-One Fairness Cream as my moisturizer; Maybelline White Superfresh in the shade of Natural for my foundation; and AT_Organics lippen in the shade of Rose for my cheeks and lip.