Nature Republic's mask sheet review

Hi everyone! 😊 First off, welcome to my official site. Finally, has come to life! I'm excited and hopeful for this passion project of mine, and I do hope you'll love all the posts I have stored for you. **fingers crossed. hihi** 😁 To start off, here's my honest review of Nature Republic's mask sheets in Orange and Shea Butter variants.

Let's start with the brand itself. Nature Republic is a South Korean beauty brand, which is best known here in the Philippines for its aloe vera products. I visited their store at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Mckinley Hill where I was happy to be well-assisted by their staff. Since I'm not into the aloe vera craze, I simply did a quick glance at these products until my eyes fixated to the brand's wide collection of their Real Nature Mask Sheets. Choosing what to get was hard but after a few minutes, I decided to go for the Orange and the Shea Butter sheet masks.

I choose the Orange variant because it is packed with Vitamin C, which I learned helps in brightening the skin. I just don't like the odd citrus smell of it. I'm imagining an orange juice mixed with lots of water, which apparently evident through its watery consistency as compared to the Shea Butter variant which is thicker. I also preferred the Shea Butter because it doesn't have a dull smell and I could really use up all its rich essence. As stated on the packaging, the Shea Butter sheet mask will nourish the skin with a luminous glow. Sounds good, right?

Nature Republic's facial sheet masks, in general, seem to tear up easily. Based on my experience, you really need to carefully unfold them. Can you plese let me know on the comment section if you guys also experience tearing these sheets when unfolding them? (or is it only me? haha) Nonetheless, what I love most about their facial sheet masks is the abundant amount of essence in each pack. This is freaking amazing! If you have tried using cheaper sheet masks, you'll know what I'm talking about. But basically, Nature Republic is giving us a generous amount of essence we all deserve. So better squeeze those packs to get the most essence out of it.

Overall, I'm going to rate this as 8/10. And oh, you could also buy these from Landmark stores for only 55 PHP each. 😉

I'm thinking of trying out other Nature Republic's Real Nature Mask Sheets and do a part two review of it. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section. Until the next blog, see yaaah! ♡