Thrifted Highwaist Jeans Turns into Shorts

For everyone who haven’t tried thrift shopping yet or were too afraid to even try, I strongly suggest you should at least once in your life. Believe it or not but you can really find pieces that don’t look cheap at all. You just need to have keen eyes for details and at times some DIY skills to make it look more stylish.

Here I got a pair of highwaist jeans which I brought from a thrift shop in Cubao. I forgot the name of the shop but just in case you are not aware, there are actually a lot of thrift shops in Cubao. So I bought this together with a gray-ish cardigan and the two items only cost me PHP 45.Yes! Two items for as low as PHP 45. I’m not sure which one cost PHP 15 and which is PHP 30. I think this jeans is PHP 30 but who cares anyway? Both are too cheap. 

However, this pair of jeans is not skinny since it’s also very rare to find skinny jeans in thrift shops. I considered that a sad thing especially because I’m not into wearing straight-cut or flare jeans. Instead of crying over it, what I did is I cut it into shorts. This isn’t new to me since I’m into DIY stuff. I simply used an ordinary pair of scissors and cut each side diagonally, then folding the excess. It’s hard to explain but here’s a photo of me wearing the my DIY highwaist shorts: