How to achieve a cohesive & well-designed blog/website?

If you're running a blog or a website, you should know that having a refined page is just as important as the content you are delivering to your audience. Think of it like Instagram, wherein the first step to attracting followers is by giving them cohesive and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

But bear in mind that having an awesome-looking page and maintaining the consistency of the design style are two different things. 

Let me introduce to you a brand board, which is a great way to start, whether you're a personal brand or a business brand.


It basically contains design elements such as a logo, fonts, colours, patterns/textures and even content ideas.

Treat it as a design guide, which you could always refer to whenever you make a new content or create additional sections in your site, making sure that everything looks put-together.

You'll see here the brand board I created for myself. It really has made things a lot easier for me. :)

If you need help in creating a brand board for your personal or business brand, leave me a message down below: